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Cost-effective brokerage service

Invest in US stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies in one place. Best-in-class custodianship and investor protections.

As little as 0.2% per transaction
Excess SIPC Insured
US Stocks, ETFs and Crypto
AI Assistant

Augment your intelligence with AI to research and learn

Embrace efficiency and elevate your investing journey today with our AI Assistant. Seamlessly interact over vast amounts of data to save time researching, gain insights and delve into historical events. Empowering you to make informed decisions, swiftly and confidently.

Search for new opportunities
Learn about historical events
Improve financial knowledge
Share threads with others
Asset LIST

Discover, research, track and collaborate with others

Explore the potential of diversified investing with our Asset List feature, granting users the ability to explore, track, and analyse performance across diverse asset classes. Seamlessly create and customise your own asset lists, shaping a collaborative environment where collective wisdom drives informed investment decisions into the future.

Track performance
In-depth fundaments
Easily invest across Asset Lists
Collaborate with others
Multi ordering and scheduling

Save time and money with by automating your investing

Experience effortless investment management through our Multi-Order and Scheduling feature, designed for seamless asset basket selection and group order execution. Tailor your investing strategies by scheduling orders to align perfectly with your plans, allowing for efficient and convenient portfolio management tailored to your unique investment goals.

Run multiple strategies at once
Cost effective
Create your own asset baskets
Stick to a plan, no emotions
gembot private

Where wealth management tranceeds expectations

Enrich your financial journey with Gembot Private. Gain exclusive access to personalised guidance from expert advisors, annual FIF tax calculations, substantial fee reductions, and unlimited access to our full suite of features. For qualified investors, unlock a world of possibilities with access to private and alternate assets. Experience a reimagined approach to wealth management, tailored to elevate your financial journey to new heights.

Financial roadmap
Major fee discounts
Exclusive private deals
Institutional insights

Manage your investments across multiple accounts

Assemble all your assets in one place across multiple accounts to get a better, more accurate view of your net worth. This will also help our AI Assistant send you quantitive insights about price movements across your entire portfolio. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

40+ Broker
(coming soon)
AI-driven insights
Visuals to show your portfolio
Seamless data sync

Wealth Management Reimagined

Transparency, Low Fees, Smart Investing